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If you have received a decision or order from a judge that you disagree with, you may appeal that decision or order to a higher court. It is imperative that you act quickly if you wish to do so because you only have a very short period of time (30 days) from the date the decision or order was entered to file a notice of appeal. A notice of appeal must be filed in a timely fashion or you will lose your right to appeal. Appeals of family court and matrimonial cases are a very specialized area of the law.

We handle appellate cases on a regular basis and are referred appellate cases by other attorneys who feel that their client has grounds to appeal to a higher court because a decision or order that was issued was wrong. In fact, in order to promote the public interest, Heather A. Fig is on a panel of select attorneys that, due to their experience and area of expertise, qualify to be assigned to represent indigent persons on their appeals. Of course, we handle all phases of appeals for private paying clients as well.

Please feel free to contact us at your convenience in order to discuss your appeal.

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